Lactation Support

Prenatal Lactation 101 

In-Person Support

Virtual Support

Prenatal Lactation will prepare parents for their breastfeeding/chestfeeding journey. Learn about building your milk supply, issues with lactation, latching your baby, milk storage, how partners can be included, and more.

Newborn Lactation Support

In-Person Support $150

Virtual Support $100

Breastfeeding is a new experience for both mom and baby. Newborn Lactation support is for parents that have it a rough patch on their breastfeeding journey and need assistance with building supply, latching baby, introducing a bottle, understanding feeding ques, and more.

Work-Life-Breastfeeding Balance

In-Person Support $100

Virtual Support

Work-Life-Breastfeeding Balance supports parents that transition back to work or school develop a schedule to maintain an adequate milk supply, handle being outside of the house and away from baby, weaning baby and what to expect, and more. 

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