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Placenta Encapsulation

Earthside Village Capsulation Service

At Earthside Village we use the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method of placenta encapsulation. The average placenta makes between 90-125 capsules, which, when taken regularly, can have many benefits of placenta capsules for new mothers.


- Increase energy

- Aids in a quicker return to health after birth

- Increase production of breast milk

- Decrease likelihood of baby blues and postpartum depression

- Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency

- Decrease likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders

- Helps to restore your natural hormonal balance

Service Includes

- In-person or phone consultation

- Raw or Steamed method placenta preparation

- Placenta Capsules delivered

- Unlimited emotional & informational support

- Optional placenta tincture

- Optional umbilical cord keepsake

- Optional picture of your placenta

Ready to get started?

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